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Don’t rush to press, ZBCA told

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RESERVE Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono says small-scale building contractors should not rush to the press with their problems but should approach the central bank to discuss them.

Responding to last week’s statement by the Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association (ZBCA) statement crying foul over their exclusion from the 30% productive sector finance scheme, Gono said his door is always open to all sectors if they need to discuss anything with him and his officials.

“They should come and tell us what they need instead of going about it by way of press statements,” Gono said in an interview.

“I believe the RBZ is very transparent and will listen to them and try to solve whatever issues need to be solved.”

Last week ZBCA president George Utamire said his association also needed the 30% productive sector finance scheme currently being accessed only by the Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe (Cifoz).

Cifoz is made up of large-scale building contractors who regularly receive billion-dollar projects countrywide.

Gono said he had held meetings with many other sectors who were also complaining about various issues affecting them.

“I have held meetings with bankers, chartered accountants, students from various universities, medical practitioners, members from the army and even cabinet,” Gono said. “What is needed is to discuss whatever issues are hampering progress in order for us all to move forward. There is no reason to discuss these issues in the press when they can be solved amicably.”

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