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Zim needs attention’

THE situation in Zimbabwe needs attention, South African business tycoon Cyril Ramaphosa said on Wednesday while discussing investments in Africa.


the situation in Zimbabwe needs attention,” Ramaphosa said, stating that Nepad’s Peer Review Mechanism, which was otherwise proactive, would have no chance of success with countries like Zimbabwe.

Addressing an investment conference at the Sandton Convention Centre, Ramaphosa said that while Africa’s future looked bright, conflict areas negatively impacted on the regions around them, scaring off investors.

He praised British Prime Minister Tony Blair for his African initiative, which if implemented alongside Nepad could have far-reaching positive results.

“We thank the Tony Blairs of this world and we thank the G8 for the attention they are focusing on this continent,” he said.

He said a new era of African leaders were also helping achieve development goals and assisting the continent’s break with its impoverished past.

“There are now leaders who are no longer focusing as much attention on bank balances in Zurich but on the lives of their people. We need to applaud that,” said Ramaphosa. — Business Day.

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