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MDC slams govt over Nigeria attack

Loughty Dube

THE Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has slammed government’s attack on Nigeria for allegedly interfering in local politics.

ans-serif”>”The MDC notes with dismay the Zimbabwe government’s unrelenting attack on the state of Nigeria. We are also dismayed by the government’s personalised insults on the Nigeria head of state,” MDC spokesperson Paul Themba Nyathi said this week.

The state media recently claimed the Nigerian government had promised to channel $200 million into the MDC’s 2005 parliamentary election chest. Nigeria however dismissed the story as “false and ridiculous”.

“The Chronicle of August 24 carried an insulting cartoon depicting President Obasanjo polishing the boots of President Bush,” Nyathi said. “This follows on the heels of an unfounded accusation that Nigeria was funding the MDC at the behest of the British government.

“The vitriolic attack on Nigeria is in our view an attempt to head-off Nigeria’s likely insistence as chair of the AU that the report recently produced by the committee that investigated and condemned Zimbabwe’s appalling human rights record be debated openly.”

Nyathi said the insults against Nigeria were an attempt to intimidate its leadership and stop it from condemning bad governance, corruption, human rights violations and violence.

The Nigerian government recently assumed the chairmanship of the African Union and wanted the AU Human and People’s Rights Commission report on Zimbabwe published.

“Zimbabwe is highest on the list of countries whose bad governance gives Africa a bad name,” Nyathi said. “The attack on Nigeria is a pre-emptive attempt at neutralising it. Zimbabwe’s attempts will fail. The rest of Africa yearns for progress and will resist those who seek to drag it backward.”

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