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Daily News relaunches electronic version in SA

Dumisani Muleya

ASSOCIATED Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ) is temporarily relocating operations to South Africa to concentrate on the electronic edition of its banned Daily News while fight

ing for registration back home.

ANZ will publish a new Internet edition of its flagship Daily News outside the Zimbabwean domain.

“The web edition of the Daily News, formerly published from a Zimbabwean domain www.dailynews.co.zw, will be relaunched in the next two weeks on the new domain www.daily-news.co.za,” the ANZ said.

“The move has been inspired by our unwavering commitment to serve the millions of people who read the Daily News every day.”

The company said it was committed to keeping Zimbabweans informed about “important national issues and also provide entertaining as well as educational material on a variety of issues that may be of interest to our readers.

“We have had to accept that Zimbabwean laws do not permit us to base this operation in our country of origin but we are also open to opportunities in other countries whose laws are less hostile to a free press,” the ANZ said.

“We have therefore taken the decision to externalise our publishing operation and operate from where it is legal for us to do so whilst we await the conclusion of our case in the Zimbabwean courts.”

The ANZ said government would not be able to stop it from operating on the information super-highway as it had no power to do so.

“The Internet is a media forum which is almost impossible for the state to control through legal instruments because in order to exercise jurisdiction over publishers there must be the co-operation of the host country,” the group said.

“Quite clearly when the government enacted the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act which has been used to stop the publication of the Zimbabwean print edition of the Daily News they did not fully consider the technological advancements that enable publishers to reach their audiences from beyond the physical boundaries of Zimbabwe.”

ANZ said there is a general consensus amongst democratic nations that few, if any, obstacles should be placed in the path of free expression.

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