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MDC faction calls on Madhuku to resign

Clemence Manyukwe

THE Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) faction led by Arthur Mutambara has called on Lovemore Madhuku to resign as chairman of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) following his controversial re-election for a third term.


was elected for a third five-year term after amendments to the NCA constitution to facilitate his continuation as leader. His constitutional two terms of two years each had expired.

In an interview on Monday, Gabriel Chaibva, the faction’s spokesperson, said: “There are no democratic forces that can tolerate that. It is disgraceful, utterly and totally disgraceful.

“Madhuku should resign; he should be forced to go. He is a national disgrace and has lost the agenda. How can he even be contemptuous of those that have passed the baton before him?”

Nelson Chamisa, the spokesperson for Morgan Tsvangirai faction, said: “Madhuku did not elect himself, he was elected. It would be unfair to interfere and say we do not support his election.”

But Chaibva said amending the constitution for what he termed “Madhuku’s self-interest” had resulted in the NCA losing credibility and moral authority in the fight for a new constitution in Zimbabwe.

He said he was of the opinion that Madhuku wanted to transform the NCA into a political party.

Chaibva said Madhuku’s claim that the grassroots wanted him to remain at the helm cannot be justified as it has been the same reasons advanced by other African leaders such as Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, Nigeria’s Olusegun Obasanjo and Namibia’s Sam Nujoma.

In his February 26 acceptance speech as leader of the MDC faction, Mutambara said: “Civil society and civic organisations must be internally democratic, and respectful of their own laws. A new, people-driven democratic national constitution is a prerequisite. Term limits should be strictly adhered to in both political party and national constitutions.”

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