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Tekere takes swipe at Mugabe

Vincent Kahiya

PRESIDENT Mugabe should not be allowed to take charge of the succession debate because he has failed the nation, veteran nationalist Edgar Tekere said this week.

The maverick politician who prides himself on being the founding father of opposition politics in Zimbabwe, described Mugabe in an interview this week as sadistic.

“It is important that those who are responsible in this succession issue – if indeed Mugabe wants to go – for goodness’ sake should realise that the country is crying about Mugabe,” said Tekere.

“Even the party knows that its credibility has been eroded by Mugabe. It is important that the country should avoid getting someone who has been recommended by him.

“Everybody is crying about Mugabe and he cannot choose anyone to be a leader because he has failed the nation. The man has a sadistic mind,” said Tekere.

A former secretary-general of Zanu PF, Tekere was expelled from the party in 1988 after he denounced plans to establish a one-party state in Zimbabwe. He also emerged as a vocal critic of the massacre of civilians in Matabeleland after government launched a crackdown against so-called dissidents in the region.

Zimbabwe’s political scenario had fulfilled Mugabe’s aspirations for a one-party state system until Tekere formed his Zimbabwe Unity Movement (ZUM) in 1989 ahead of general elections in 1990. ZUM is now defunct.

Tekere said those whose names were being bandied about for the position of president did not qualify to rule the country.

“If you look at the mixture of possible leaders none of them should be allowed to manage this country because they have no human feelings.

“You cannot have a country that wants to be respected in the international community dragging a man to court in leg irons because he is a leader of the opposition. Leg irons? To present what to the world? Tsvangirai adini? (What has Tsvangirai done?)”

Tekere said this was done by people with “sadistic minds who rejoice at seeing people suffering”.

Tekere, who has been out of active politics for nearly a decade, said he still commanded support among Zanu PF supporters.

“I am currently the chef of the unemployed and the unemployable,” he said. “Although they expelled me from the party, I am still respected by Zanu PF supporters more than I am respected by supporters of all opposition parties put together.”

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