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MDC wary of infiltration

Loughty Dube

THE opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) says Zanu PF is trying to infiltrate it by planting intelligence agents and dubious democracy organisations in its structures ahead of the 200

5 parliamentary election.

“The CIO were allocated a large amount of money in the last budget and we are aware that the bulk of those funds are to be paid to infiltrators who will be used to monitor and destroy organisations like the MDC and others perceived by Zanu PF to be a threat to them,” David Coltart, the MDC secretary for legal affairs, told the Zimbabwe Independent this week.

He said the bulk of the $62 billion allocated to the CIO in this year’s budget would be used to infiltrate Zanu PF’s opponents.

“We are aware that a lot of organisations have already been infiltrated by state security agents and Zanu PF supporters and we are already aware of such infiltrators,” he said.

Coltart’s comments come in the wake of attempts by a group of purported MDC supporters calling themselves MDC Supporters for Democracy (MSD), led by Kurauone Chihwayi, that has in the past made a number of allegations against the MDC leadership.

The MSD gained the spotlight in the state media after it called for the resignation of the MDC president and chairman, Morgan Tsvangirai and Isaac Matongo respectively, before the 2005 election.

“Anyone calling on Morgan Tsvangirai to step down is working against the interests of democracy because Tsvangirai has contributed immensely towards democracy in this country,” Coltart said.

The MSD has endeared itself with the public media that gleefully beam all statements it makes purportedly on behalf of MDC supporters.

“The people that are causing all that commotion are definitely not true members of the party but infiltrators paid by Zanu PF to destabilise the MDC and other pressure groups,” Coltart said.

Coltart said the MDC was aware that $62 billion was allocated to the CIO this year to enable it to infiltrate organisations deemed to be a threat to Zanu PF ahead of the parliamentary election in March next year.

He said the party was aware that Zanu PF would start using the defection strategy to portray the MDC as a collapsing party.

“We are aware of all those tactics and we are working on countering them because we know that Zanu PF will intensify its dirty tactics as the election date nears,” Coltart said.

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