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Selection of windows, doors critical to property values, safety – Al Glass

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THE amount of light and ventilation allowed into a building largely depends on the positioning and selection of window and door openings. And yet much too often decisions on where to place such

openings and the materials to be used are taken for granted.

In addition to providing light and ventilation the doors and windows must be functionally robust to withstand not only the weather elements such as wind and rains but also the open and shut movement actions as people enter or exit the property.

Al Glass Aluminium Systems is an expert in the design and supply of aluminium doors, windows and shower units. All products are finished in glass before installation. In designing these windows and doors, which are largely based on the steel frame industry standard sizes, Al Glass works closely with property developers, architects, contractors, and house owners to provide high quality solutions to their framing needs.

The door, for example, is one of the most frequently used openings in a building. Depending on its design it may be opened each time someone enters or exits the building. Such high traffic activity calls for well-thought out designs which ensure longevity and safety. The working parts used to put together the door such as rollers, hinges and lock mechanisms together with glass must be of the highest quality and ensure the overall security of the building against intruders.

Al Glass Aluminium Systems only uses the Nuklip Aluminium System, considered the “Rolls Royce” of such systems in southern Africa, in its designs and does not compromise on the quality of moving parts and glass used. Product range includes sliding doors, hinged doors, sliding windows, top hung and side hung projection windows and fixed panels.

According to Al Glass operations director Matthew Chandavengerwa the selection of windows and doors depends on a number of criteria including:

* Wind pressure

* Location of property

* Size of property and

* Amount of light required

“Substandard frames may save money in the short term but will create enormous problems in the future. Doors that allow water, wind and dust to come into the building will not only compromise the quality and safety of the building but also entail costly replacements for the home owner,” he said.

Providers of aluminium systems such as doors and windows must also be familiar with building standards and requirements to avoid designing products that do not conform to certain building specifications.

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