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Rights forum slams police brutality

Itai Mushekwe

THE Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (Forum) has castigated the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) for its brutality against civilians saying the police have b

ecome prime violators of human rights.

The reprimand comes in the wake of the brutal attack by police last month on trade unionists arrested after planning peaceful demonstrations against government’s failure to stem worsening economic hardships among workers.

Last month the Forum demanded the prosecution of police and soldiers who assaulted and injured labour leaders attempting to stage the anti-government protest marches. It said in a statement torture by the police was “both widespread and systematic” as evidenced by what it called the savage ill-treatment while in police cells of ZCTU leaders who were left with fractures and other serious injuries.

The human rights group’s latest report on political violence calls the ZRP a perpetual violator of human rights based on its findings for the month of August.

The report, dated September 29, argues that despite “a fairly low” number of civic activities, police made over 150 arrests and reportedly beat up juveniles who were among the arrested.

The Forum also deplored the wrongful shooting of a teenager, Prince Chabuda, who died after being mistaken for a robber saying: “The Forum would again want to appeal to the police to exercise extreme caution when discharging their duties.”

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