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CZI, ZNCC merger put on ice

Ndamu Sandu

THE Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) has pulled the plug on a deal with the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) that would have resulted in the merging of the two bodies.

The move comes after ZNCC said progress had been made in tackling the issue of the merger.

Industry sources say the issue of a merger, which has been on the cards for more than five years now, would not succeed as CZI was not interested in the issue.

“CZI are not interested in the issue and the fact that it was not discussed at the AGM shows that they are not serious about it,” CZI president Antony Mandiwanza told businessdigest this week.

He said merging with ZNCC was not on their priority list.

Mandiwanza said at the moment, CZI had more pressing issues to tackle.

“We have more pressing issues to tackle and the idea of a merger is not on our priority list,” he said.

CZI, Mandiwanza said, had more important issues, which were discussed at the annual general meeting.

“Our AGM was quite clear on the issues to be discussed and that of a merger was never discussed,” said the CZI boss.

ZNCC president Luxon Zembe said there were plans to revive talks about the merger.

“There are plans to revive talks about the merger and by the end of the year we would have covered much ground,” he said.

He said CZI and ZNCC had already agreed in principle to merge.

Zembe said ZNCC had a mandate which it was given at the 2002 congress in Nyanga.

Sources say a merger would lead to the creation of synergies.

They cited duplication of duties by both organisations.

Zembe said the merger of the two organisations would create one secretariat and members would speak with one voice.

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