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Leadership at the peak

THERE are two ways to live your life, each with its own predictable set of consequences. One can choose to be driven by primal urges such as the urge to eat, the urge to have sexual fulfilment, the urge or more appropriately greed for mon

ey and the urge for power over others to name a few of the most destructive.

One can also choose to be driven or led by the spirit, that inner essence of our being that always has good and positive intentions for an upward and progressive manifestation of one’s best in this life. For example, one decides to create a business for the sake of providing a good quality existence for himself, his family and those who choose to work for him and of course for the greater good of society.

Someone else may decide to get married with a positive intention to create a strong stable family relationship and to enjoy companionship with one’s chosen partner and hopefully to bring forth and raise strong well-balanced children. No one sets up a business with a view to defraud one’s clients who put their trust in that business person’s leadership and integrity. Neither does one get married with a view to getting divorced as a result of violation of the vows on which that marriage is built. No one lights a candle to put it under a table. Each example starts off with a positive intention but succeeds or fails depending on the nature of personal leadership.

Being spirit-led guarantees successful journeying and completion of the process whereas being primal urge-driven leads to almost definite failure or abortion of the process.

Being spirit-led is to live life from one’s higher and positive intentions supported by strong beliefs and values whilst being led by primal urges is to live life driven by obtaining circumstances. Being driven by primal urges means that one operates from a destructive set of beliefs and values so the power-driven leader destroys followers’ lives and hope, the greed driven business person ends up defrauding the trusting clients and the married man or woman commits adultery and destroys the marriage that they entered into with positive intentions.

The mix of one’s beliefs and values creates a filter through which one looks out at the world. Beliefs are strongly held and personal views about your value as a person whilst values, on the other hand, are strong held beliefs about the importance of the parameters that you decide will shape your life.

Beliefs and values may be interchangeable in definition without losing much of the meaning as long as one understands that they support the achievement of life’s purpose. Unless you clarify your beliefs and values and jealously guard them, the world out there will determine them for you. Being spirit-led is like climbing to a high elevation and looking out across the city and deciding that you will walk to a certain point beyond the city limits within a given time and that no matter what you come across along the journey, you will not be distracted but you will hold firm to your pre-determined beliefs and values and continue unmoved towards your end destination.

Being primal urge-driven follows the same purpose and goal-setting process but never clarifies the subset of beliefs and values required to achieve the goal. So as the journey unfolds the delights and attractions that present themselves will be easily taken full advantage of at the expense of the ultimate goal.

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