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Leadership at the peak – Launching the revolution

By George W Nyabadza

LEADERSHIP is personal. Many people aspire to lead others in one way or another; many desire to change the institutions that they find themselves in, even more desire to change the socie

ties that they live in economically, socially or politically.

However the wish to do something and the ability to actually do it are two different things. If you were to take time to do a study of the great leaders that have shaped human history you will notice that all of them were active constructors of their own realities who started of by changing themselves, before championing revolutions that freed up societies from one form or other of bondage. The revolution always starts at home with you.

If at all you desire to move from mediocrity, to see this year close at superior level of lifestyle and excellence, if at all you want to tap into that fathomless depth of potential that you have deep within you, if at all you want to change the greater society in which you live, then it’s time to launch your own personal revolution.

I firmly believe that every person is born with the same potential to achieve greatness, and that is no difference between the people in the East and the West, and us Africans in the centre of the world. The environment in which we grow up to a great extent shapes our ability to manifest our greatness.

However, if you are able to read and understand this article you have within you the ability to constructively work yourself out of any limiting circumstance you may find yourself in. I spent the last three weeks on an exciting tour of the United States and being one never to miss an opportunity to learn about leadership, I made it a point to observe as well as to ask about what makes America such a powerful and advanced nation.

The answer was driven home very clearly during visits to the Nasa space centre and New York’s Ground Zero where the Twin Towers used to stand. At the space centre there was a pervading spirit of “finding the most excellent Americans, training them and equipping them and sending them out to explore the deep darkness out of outer space” and at Ground Zero New Yorkers declared that the city would be rebuilt with a forceful “can do” attitude that left one without a doubt about the possibility of this happening.

The same “can do” attitude was found at the micro level in the entrepreneur manning his one-man hot dog stand along the street. This is not to say that every American is wealthy, far from it: you may be surprised that there are millions of people today in America who live in abject poverty, some in shacks worse than those seen in Africa’s poorest suburbs. I saw these with my very own eyes. How does this happen in a land of plenty. It all comes down to the issue of personal leadership. Unless you lead your own revolution you will forever moan and complain about the divide between rich and poor about class and racial barriers, and any other excuse to avoid taking personal responsibility for who and where you are.

Excellence is not the preserve of the West; if it was the mighty Asian tigers would not have roared onto the world economic scene as they did in the past 40 years. Excellence or the potential for such greatness is there within everyone of us. Each one of us has to become a revolutionary in our own lives. No longer should you accept a limited mediocre lifestyle, nor should you allow yourself to be defined as “Third World”.

Decide, if you may today, to create a life that is so radically different and superior to what you are living now so that as the months and years roll by everyone who observes will stand back in awe. You owe it to yourself, your family, your organisation and your nation. Remember that success will not drop into your lap just because you have the potential. There is a threefold spiritual principle to achieving success; Ask, Knock, Seek. All of these are active engagement commandments!

-South African-based George W Nyabadza is the chief executive officer of Achievement Success Dynamics International. For more information on leadership development programmes please visit our website www.achievement-success.com or e-mail George on info@achievement-success.com

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