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Accountants to quiz Gono

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RESERVE Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono is next week expected to be grilled by chartered accountants at a one-day seminar on his new Monetary Policy Statement.

The event will be held at the Harare International Conference Centre on Tuesday.

Dorothy Mahaso-Tambara, education director of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (Icaz), which is hosting the seminar, said Gono had confirmed he would attend the event.

This would be the second public event attended by the new governor after the breakfast meeting held a day after he presented his maiden statement.

The breakfast event was broadcast live on national television, the first time such an occasion has received such massive publicity countrywide.

“Dr Gono has said he will be there the whole day to listen to what participants have to say. He will be a member of the discussion panel and will respond to queries raised by participants,” she said.

The seminar will give the top executives who are expected to attend the seminar an opportunity to discuss the policy and its effects and implications. It will also give them an opportunity to exchange views with members of a hig powered panel which will include Gono.

Presentations are to be made by Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president Antony Mandiwanza, Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president Luckson Zembe, Zimbabwe Economics Society president Kennias Mafukidze, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority commissioner general Gershom Pasi, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe senior vice-president Eric Bloch and a representative of the Bankers’ Association of Zimbabwe.

Coming less than two months after the monetary policy was announced, the seminar comes at an opportune time, particularly given the immediate positive impact the policy has had on stakeholders.

“The speed with which the policy has already yielded positive results is remarkable,” Mahaso-Tambara said. “This seminar will give top executives an opportunity to possibly influence the policy’s future direction. Given Dr Gono’s open door policy there is every reason to suppose he will be willing to take on board positive suggestions that may be made at it,” she said.

“As an institute whose members play a vital role in our society, we felt we should hold this seminar to facilitate dialogue between key players in the economy and top executives. We appreciate Dr Gono’s willingness to join us on Tuesday and his sparing the whole day to listen to and respond to concerns and suggestions that workshop participants may make.

“I had invited him to give one of the first speeches of the day. However, he said he had already spoken for one-and-a-half hours on the monetary policy. Now was the time for him to listen. He said he would listen and respond to what people had to say.”

She said she believed the seminar was an important opportunity that top executives would do well to take advantage of.

Among the issues to be discussed are money supply and inflation, the foreign currency auction system, the interest rates policy, speculation and its effects, foreign currency generation, the management of public finances including domestic debt and fiscal slippage, asset management companies, challenges in the banking sector and value added tax.

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