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Leadership at the peak – Success lies in action

By George W Nyabadza

IT is truly amazing how many people know about a thing but never do anything about it. Let’s talk about you; would I be wrong if I said that you could probably write a credible thesis on

leadership, but to what extent do you practise what you know?

Many are the religious experts who can expound on scripture at great length but do not practise that which is preached. Many are the scholars who can expound on complex theories which they are unable to bring to life.

The difference between the haves and have-nots lies in the ability to act on acquired knowledge. Many have read numerous books on becoming wealthy but today they live in want and need.

A good definition of wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge to real life situations. To a great extent everyone knows enough about goal-setting and turning dreams to reality but the question still remains, why do so few achieve their goals?

Talking about leadership, why do we have so few credible leaders when hundreds of books exist on the practise of leadership? It’s all in the doing. One of the most successful CEOs of Porsche said he would rather have a poorly written plan that can be implemented than a well-developed plan that can’t.

He used this philosophy to develop Porsche as a leading high-value niche brand. We are coming to the end of the third week of January; I wonder how many are still in the planning phase of this year’s goals. If you haven’t as yet started on the implementation of your goals, chances are by the end of the month you would have given up on your success plans and would be settling down into another year of mediocrity and frustration at life’s “misfortunes”.

As I have argued many times before, unless you become a constructive creator of your own destiny you will be at the mercy of life’s misfortunes. Just as a ship fights its way to port through a stormy sea you have to actively pursue your goals through life’s storms.

Without this active intent you will be at the mercy of life’s turbulent storms. It’s good that you have dreams and aspirations but that alone is worthless without a determined pursuit of what you desire. If you do not spend at least 15 minutes every day visualising and affirming your goals, chances are you will not achieve them.

Success is in the doing. A doing or action orientation is a habit that must be developed. I can assure you it is not easy. Everything in you will fight against the new discipline that seeks to help you break free from the very mediocrity that stops you from being a doer.

In order to get started, I suggest that you develop 90-day programme broken into 30-day cycles where each day you track your activities in the goal arena. Spend at least 15 minutes each and everyday visualising, affirming or actually working towards your goal. It may not seem like much but believe me the momentum you build up within the first 30 days will make you unstoppable.

Unless you measure what you are doing you will never achieve it. Become obsessed with measuring and you will be on your way to achieving your goals.

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