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Asakheni, MBCA Bank join hands for noble cause

AT the golden age of 50, MBCA Bank fully subscribes to and understands the meaning of a sustainable legacy for the future of Zimbabwe.

As a leading and certainly one of the most respected banks in this country, MBCA Bank has thr

ough its solid conservative values served its clients with a sustainable business ethic that is not negotiable. It has been the foundation of the success of this revered bank.

In launching the Asakheni Awards, in partnership with the Zimbabwe Independent and Environment Africa, MBCA Bank reaffirms its commitment to posterity.

The bank celebrates the individual efforts of the likes of the late Jairos Jiri and Charlene Hewat, among many others, in helping to shape the way Zimbabweans look at the less-privileged of modern society.

Jiri showed us how humanity can express itself positively on fellow human beings while Hewat demonstrated how a society is judged by the way it looks after its animals. Zimbabwe was all the better for it.

MBCA Bank believes that other like-minded individuals and organisations are quietly involved in the process of sustainable development as they go about their core businesses. It is because of this belief that the bank wishes to publicly recognise their efforts.

In a remarkable convergence of ideas, latent and bubbling under for a few years now, the trio of MBCA Bank, Independent and Environment Africa have given birth to Asakheni.

What is Asakheni?

At the simple literal level, it means “Let’s build.” As a brand and legacy, Asakheni is a serious effort to develop a solutions-based mindset that goes beyond quick, short-term profits in the board rooms of this country.

It is an ambitious adventure that seeks to educate communities over the long-term to get passionately involved in matters relating to their environment as in the Campfire project.

It is a humble attempt to recognise those individuals who have excelled in sustainable issues in the past, and to encourage those who have gone numb and weary, to once again put their shoulders to the wheel.

MBCA Bank’s head of marketing, Albert Gumbo, quotes Dr David Molapo: “We are not prisoners of the past, we are pioneers of the future.”

Asakheni takes the oft-talked about concept of Ubuntu and pushes for its practice in real life. While there are moments in a fast-moving world, when cheque book philanthropy is necessary, MBCA Bank subscribes to the idea of reducing the dependency syndrome so prevalent in the third world by supporting the recognition of those who engage in sustainable development as a business.

In terms of putting one’s money where one’s marketing mouth is, MBCA Bank is a proud sponsor of Sife because, through it, it achieves the twin goals of supporting young people to develop responsibility and in so doing, supports disadvantaged communities in a sustainable manner.

Their CSI agenda includes support for Hifa which allows fantastic chances for young artists to work with seasoned international artistes in the workshops that take place away from the glare of publicity during the annual event. In Bulawayo, the performing arts music festival includes the very popular Isigodlo Samakosi Festival which also sees young people discovering and displaying their artistic talents.

MBCA Bank is also working on a project with Environment Africa on environmental awareness in schools. The Asakheni Awards will formally popularise the concept and practice of corporate citizenship in its fullest sense in support of the UN’s Global Compact and millennium development goals (MDGs). It is daring and it is exciting.

Quoting Professor Lovemore Mbigi, Gumbo said: “Take care of the present and no one will thank you for neglecting the future.”

Asakheni is about the future and MBCA Bank wants to play a leading role in guaranteeing that future for posterity, that is corporate citizenship. — Own Correspondent.

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