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Workman moves on power woes

WORKMAN, a supplier of hardware tools and generators, has launched a new line of business — Alternative Power Solution (APS) — which is expected to play a pivotal role in alleviating the prevailing power shortages.


e company said there was need to lift the burden of demand on supply of energy from Zesa Holdings, hence the introduction of gas and solar products.

A spokesman of the company said while solar power usage was predominant in rural and remote areas, the prevailing power cuts call for people in urban areas to switch to solar power.

“There is too much fixation on Zesa as the sole source of energy yet solar provides another alternative to electricity,” a Workman spokesman said.

“It is high time people in urban areas realised that besides electrical energy, there are also other sources of power, hence the focus on solar energy,” he said.

The spokesman said the use of solar power would help reduce demand on electricity, thereby reducing costs incurred by Zesa in producing and importing electricity.

Besides being environmentally-friendly, solar electric power has no operating costs and works automatically once installed. It also makes no use of any moving parts and switches and requires no maintenance for over 20 years.

Zesa is the only source of electrical power and is failing to meet demand. The power utility has been hit by a number of problems, chief among them operational losses, antiquated equipment at power stations requiring rehabilitation and maintenance, a poor tariff structure, and shortages of foreign currency to pay for importing power and to service foreign debt. — Staff Writer.

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