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One voice for commerce

Ndamu Sandu

THE Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) has proposed the amalgamation of various sectoral representative entities under an umbrella body to enable them to speak with

one voice, it emerged this week.

The umbrella body would be the supreme decision-making organ working in collaboration with representatives from various sectors.

Investigations by businessdigest revealed that sector representatives would exist as affiliates, and promoters of the project, including the ZNCC, want it to be in place by the end of the year.

Industry sources say as a way of ensuring business contacts, the organ at the apex of the new structure would be affiliated to regional bodies such as the association of Sadc Chambers of Commerce and Industry and working groups linked to the Sadc Protocols.

The body, sources say, will also sign co-operation agreements with national chambers of commerce and industry worldwide to strengthen its network of business contacts.

ZNCC president Luxon Zembe confirmed the latest development saying that though the idea of the unified body was the brainchild of the ZNCC, its formation would be in collaboration with representatives from other sectors.

“It is the idea of the ZNCC but for it to work it has to get support from other sectors,” Zembe said.

Sector representatives would continue to exist but as affiliates of the new organisation, he said.

Although the names of organisations that would make up the decision-making organ could not be obtained as negotiations are underway, it emerged that the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), the ZNCC and the Chamber of Mines, among others, would make up the new organisation.

Zembe could not be drawn into revealing which organisations the ZNCC was negotiating with saying “negotiations were still in progress” and that the Ministry of Industry and International Trade had thrown its weight behind the new proposal to enable business to speak with one voice.

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