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Bubye loses River Ranch

Shakeman Mugari

BUBYE Minerals has lost control over River Ranch Mine after the High Court threw out its application to compel the Minister of Mines and Mining Developme

nt to reverse his decision to cancel a special grant to the mine.

The ministry cancelled Bubye Minerals’ special grant to the diamond mine on the grounds that it had not been properly ceded to them by the owners, River Ranch Ltd.

The court said Bubye had not consulted River Ranch Ltd before they got the permission from the Mining Affairs Board to take over the special grant.

Bubye, however, made an application to the High Court seeking to compel the ministry to reinstate the special grant to them. Their application cited the ministry, Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe, Mining Commissioner and River Ranch Ltd itself.

In his ruling this week, Justice Lawrence Kamocha, concurred with the ministry’s findings that the special grant was not properly ceded to Bubye.

He said the ceding of the special grant to Bubye was null and void.

Justice Kamocha said it was curious that it was Bubye itself which had applied for the grant to be ceded to them.

“It is common ground that it (Bubye) did not advise River Ranch, the holder of the special grant, that it was
seeking the cession from the ministry,” said Kamocha in his ruling.

He also said River Ranch Ltd had not been given the chance to present its case when the special grant was ceded to Bubye.

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