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Clergy naïve on national vision, says Mutambara

Ray Matikinye

CHURCH leaders who crafted the National Vision were naïve to allow President Robert Mugabe destroy the potential of the initiative, leader of t

he splintered Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Arthur Mutambara says.

Mutambara said the church leaders’ process in crafting a national vision in The Zimbabwe We Want, was fundamentally flawed and characterised by dishonesty, manipulation and lack of inclusiveness.

But Mutambara pledged his party would work closely with the church leaders unconditionally despite its reservations and in spite of its initial exclusion from this particular initiative.

In a critique released yesterday, Mutambara said the initiative had to be wrested from Zanu PF to restore its credibility.

Mutambara said critical stakeholders such as civic organisations, political parties and other church organisations such as the National Pastors’ Conference, Christian Alliance and student bodies were not consulted before the launch of the discussion document.

“The most problematic aspect of the church initiative has been the way they have engaged Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF. The church leaders have allowed the criminal dictatorship of Mugabe to destroy the potential of the initiative,” Mutambara said.

The Mutambara camp met the church leaders on Tuesday.

He said the document was full of omissions and distortions.

He criticised the discussion document saying the recommendations on the economy were weak and poorly structured. The section on land, he said, required more input around the collateral value of land, security of tenure, agricultural productivity, secondary agriculture, justice and equity.

“At the root of our national problems,” Mutambara said, “are issues of bad governance, political legitimacy, economic mismanagement, corruption, and political dictatorship, all due to the absolute failure of Mugabe and Zanu PF,” he said.

“This must be stated without equivocation nor ambiguity. The vision document at best equivocates, at worst it is apologetic.”

Mutambara said Mugabe’s ill-advised comments about non-negotiable issues, defence of the Lancaster House constitution, and general disdain for other stakeholders, had compromised the initiative.

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