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Police hunt Zvakwana

Itai Dzamara

POLICE have launched a massive hunt to locate Zvakwana, a pro-democracy group that is calling for the removal from power of President Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwe Independent heard this week.

Police spokesman Wayne Bvu-dzijena yesterday said they were worried about the activities of Zvakwana.

“I can’t speak about the hunt for them off hand. I will have to confirm,” said Bvudzijena.

“These people (Zvakwana), whoever they are, have been hiding and spreading material and literature aimed at inciting members of the public to lawlessness. We would be interested in talking to them.”

Sources revealed that a team of senior investigators from the Criminal Investigation Department’s Law and Order section was assigned to track down Zvakwana in January.

The team has however failed to establish the whereabouts of the group despite having raided opposition party offices as well as interrogating civil society members.

There has been political pressure on the investigating team to produce results, sources said.

Zvakwana last month released a 14-track music CD with songs critical of Mugabe and his government.

Police raided Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and National Constitutional Assembly offices in Harare and Bulawayo in February in the hope of tracing the group’s roots.

MDC spokesman Paul Themba Nyathi yesterday said his party was not linked to Zvakwana but supported its calls for political change.

“We are not linked to Zvakwana. But to the extent that the group fights for political change, democracy and human rights, we share the same values and we support its efforts,” Nyathi said.

“Police have raided our offices hunting for Zvakwana because they believe that any group that advocates change and democracy is linked to the MDC.”

Zvakwana or Sokwanele, meaning “it’s enough” in Shona and Ndebele respectively, has been distributing pamphlets across the country with anti-Mugabe messages. Graffiti such as “Mugabe Zvakwana – It’s Enough” or “Zvakwana to human rights abuses” now dominate bus termini and walls in towns and cities.

A Zvakwana monthly news-letter circulates in Zimbabwe inaddition to a website (http://www.zvakwana.com).

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