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Mugabe must go’ – UNI-Africa

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A MAJOR trade union umbrella body, UNI-Africa, has demanded the immediate resignation of President Mugabe who was singled out for violating trade union rights.

UNI-Africa is the regional organisation of Union Network International which came into existence in January 2000 after the merger of four global unions: the Federation of Commercial, Clerical, Professional and Technical Employees, Communications International, the International Graphical Federation, and Media and Entertainment International.

It represents 655 485 members from 187 unions in 45 countries and claims to be the largest international grouping of individual trade unions.

In a resolution this week at its conference in South Africa, UNI-Africa said the people of Zimbabwe faced 80% unemployment, and shortages of basic goods including food and local cash.

It urged African affiliates to put pressure on the Zimbabwe government to restore democratic rights and allow free elections to “choose a leadership that will save the country from the current crisis”.

“We will not stop in our struggle to bring peace in Zimbabwe, the Congo and elsewhere on the continent,” said Philip Jennings after the debate.The resolution called for Mugabe to go if he was to retain some of his reputation as a freedom fighter.

“Otherwise, history will rank his name with those of some of Africa’s infamous leaders like Vorster, Mobutu, Amin and Taylor who sought to destroy the African soul”.

A reversal of policies in Zimbabwe is necessary, said the resolution, in the interests of the success of the New Partnership for African Development.

The resolution warned of “the lack of good governance and state- engineered chaos leading to a general breakdown of law and order in Zimbabwe”.

UNI-Africa is urging other African countries to keep pressing Mugabe’s regime to stop exploiting its people.

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