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Germany expresses solidarity with Zim

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THE German government last week sent a strong message of solidarity to Zimbabweans struggling for democracy.


g a large gathering to mark German Unity Day last Friday, acting German ambassador Jan Hendrik van Thiel said over the centuries his country had experienced ultra-nationalism, racism and authoritarianism.

All of these failed, bringing destruction, pain and suffering in their wake, he said.

“We will not lecture any country on the ideology it should follow,” Van Thiel said, “but we cannot support abroad what we fight at home.”

Germany today enjoyed multi-party democracy, a strong independent judiciary, a free press and a vibrant civil society, he said.

“We consider the most human and efficient social, political and economic system that based on freedom, democracy, rule of law and social justice,” Van Thiel said.

“The German government stands up for these values and ideals wherever they are in danger,” he said.

“We offer to all those who want to struggle with us for those values our solidarity and support…”

Van Thiel said Germany considered Africa to be a major partner.

“We would like Africa to be a stable, prosperous, free and united continent,” he said.

Ambassador-designate Karin-Elsa Blumberger-Sauerteig was present at the ceremony but did not host it as she is yet to present her credentials to President Robert Mugabe.

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