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New farmers forced to bank-roll Zanu PF congress, poll

Augustine Mukaro

ZANU PF is forcing newly-resettledfarmers and civil servants to contribute towards the $20 billion needed to finance its congress and the parliamentary election next yea

r, the Zimbabwe Independent has gathered.

Highly placed sources said the ruling party had written to A2 farmers asking them to donate at least $50 000 each towards the December congress and the March election.

“A directive was given to provinces who circulated it to all farmers,” a new farmer in the Mazowe Valley said. “Each farmer is expected to donate a minimum of $50 000. The amounts vary according to the production level on a particular farm.”

Each province is expected to raise $500 million to finance the December congress and the March parliamentary poll. There are 10 political provinces in the country. Zanu PF said some of the money would come from fundraising activities, corporate donations and the party’s own companies.

Sources said Zanu PF had also written to civil servants working in rural areas asking for donations.

Zanu PF secretary for finance David Karimanzira recently said the party was seeking to raise in excess of $20 billion for its congress in December and next year’s parliamentary poll.

Murehwa North MP Victor Chitongo, whose district has already donated $70 million, said farmers and businesspeople in the area had voluntarily availed the money in response to the party’s call.

“As a constituency committed to the party our new farmers and businesspeople have responded to the call to raise money for the party,” Chitongo said.

“The farmers and businesspeople voluntarily made the money available and they are still raising more. The party is being supported by almost everyone in Murehwa District.”

This is not the first time the party has arm-twisted rural people to raise money for its events.

“A2 resettled farmers were in April this year forced to donate money for Independence Day celebrations,” farmers said. “Last year we were instructed to start paying rentals for land and we are now doing it monthly.”

So far the party has raised $160 million, with Jongwe Printers donating $50 million and $40 million coming from a well-wisher. Sources said Zanu PF was also pursuing other fundraising programmes to meet the $20 billion target.

They include a dinner dance expected to be held in Harare next month.

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