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Zanu PF demands action on multiple farm owners

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PRESSURE is mounting on President Robert Mugabe to act on cabinet ministers, party officials and their hangers-on who are multiple farm owners, the Zimbabwe Independent has


The pressure is coming from within the ruling Zanu PF party and from the international community which has called for a more transparent exercise if it is to fund the agricultural sector.

Zhombe Zanu PF Member of Parliament, Daniel McKenzie Ncube, set the tone for tougher action to be taken against those who flouted the government policy of “one-man one farm”.

Last week Ncube told parliament that punitive measures must be taken.

“Those who have acquired more than one farm, or acquired productive farms through third parties such as wives, cousins, children and in-laws should not only be persuaded to give up their farms but should instead be appropriately penalised heavily for contributing to this sad situation,” said Ncube.

Earlier Ncube had stunned the House when he said the government had no reason to boast that the resettlement programme was a success when production was going down and wildlife was decimated.

Speaker Emmerson Mnangagwa questioned the loyalty of Ncube amid cheers from members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change.

“Are you sure you are on the right side of the House?” queried Mnangagwa.

War veterans’ secretary-general Endy Mhlanga also called on the president to act against those who grabbed farms.

“The president must punish those who acquired more than one farm under the land reform exercise,” said Mhlanga.

Mhlanga said there are only two sets of multiple farm owners who should not be punished.

“Those who had bought a farm before the land reform programme and were then allocated another farm during the exercise can be excused,” he said.

“Even these farmers must choose between the two and settle for one. The same applies to those who have small plots and were then allocated large-scale farms.”

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