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Muchena, Mahofa compete for hearts

Itai Dzamara

ZANU PF MPs Olivia Muchena and Shuvai Mahofa of Mutoko South and Gutu South respectively have threatened to stop donors from distributing food relief in their constituencies, as villagers no lon

ger attend party meetings and rallies.

There are however good turnouts when donors come in to distribute food in the constituencies.

Sources said Muchena addressed a meeting at Nyamakosi Village in her constituency last month at which she threatened to stop donor agency World Vision from distributing food aid in the area. People had stopped participating in Zanu PF activities and had defected to the donors, Muchena is reported as having said.

Muchena, who is also the Minister of Science and Technology, yesterday denied making the threat and said there were people putting words into her mouth.

“That is not my language. I am having problems with people who are putting words into my mouth,” said Muchena. “Definitely not me. I can’t respond to those who are saying that I am not doing anything for my constituency, let them tell you. But I am doing my work just like I have done in the past nine years.”

This paper witnessed Mahofa trying to hijack a meeting between villagers and Care International at Mutanga Business Centre in Gutu South and convert it into a rally just before Christmas. The embattled Zanu PF MP arrived at the business centre with an entourage of supporters and tried to take over from the donor agency’s officials who were preparing to distribute food relief to the villagers.

“I am not happy with the approach you have towards party meetings and activities,” said Mahofa. “It appears your hearts have been taken away by these donors. We will stop them if they make you forget where you are coming from or going,” said Mahofa.

However, the villagers dispersed in all directions as soon as Mahofa took over the meeting, with some hurling abuse at her. Efforts by Mahofa’s helpers to stop the crowd from moving off were unsuccessful.

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