Zanu PF abusing civil servants’

Augustine Mukaro

THE Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has condemned the use of civil servants for party business at the just-ended Zanu PF congress.

serif”>In an interview with the Zimbabwe Independent yesterday MDC spokesman Paul Themba Nyathi said the engagement of civil servants and diplomats in party business has exposed Zanu PF as a primitive party that cannot separate between partisan and national issues.

“The majority of civil servants do not support Zanu PF,” Nyathi said. “For Zanu PF to force-march the civil servants to its congress is appalling. There is need for Zanu PF to realise that the civil service is a national institution which has to be distinguished from the party.”

Nyathi said the distinction would only be realised if a party that is conscious of the separation of roles is elected into power.

Business in several ministries, parastatals and local authorities last week ground to a standstill as key people were said to be attending the congress.

At the congress, high-ranking officials from almost all ministries could be seen sporting Zanu PF regalia.

“Diplomats do not represent Zanu PF and to drag them to a party congress is a serious abuse,” Nyathi said.

A total of 32 Zimbabwean ambassadors stationed throughout the world attended last week’s congress. During their stay the diplomats were booked into the Sheraton Hotel.