Zupco saga: accused demand proof of Shah?s immunity

Clemence Manyukwe

DEPUTY Information minister Bright Matonga and Zupco chairman Charles Nherera have written to the Attorney-General’s office demanding proof that Jahesh Shah, the key witness in their corruption trial, was granted immunity.

In a lett

er dated August 9 addressed to the Director of Public Prosecutions Loice Matanda-Moyo, the accused’s lawyers said a regional magistrate had made a finding that Shah had “dirty hands” and as such they intended to pursue a private prosecution in the High Court.

Wilson Manase and Joseph Mandizha are representing Matonga and Nherera.

Through their lawyers, the two said it was their view that the AG erred in granting Shah immunity.

“As our clients are minded to seriously consider challenging in the High Court your grant of immunity from prosecution to Mr Jahesh Shah, and or your refusal to prosecute him, it is only fair that we kindly demand, as we hereby do, that you expeditiously furnish us with the aforesaid certificate, a copy of the said immunity and your reasoned response,” the letter says.

Matonga and Nherera are being charged for allegedly demanding bribes from Shah, the director of Gift Investments, in return for awarding him a tender to supply buses to Zupco.

Last week Nherera was convicted by the Harare magistrates’ court on corruption charges relating to the bribe issue. He will be sentenced on August 21.

In a joint letter to the AG’s office, Matonga and Nherera said letting Shah off the hook when he had “dirty hands” was tantamount to “throwing justice out of the window”.

“Traditionally and typically, ancient Greek and Roman mythology has it that justice is blind…It seems to our clients that our good goddess now closes one or both eyes to certain people and events, and yet still opens one or both eyes against others,” they added.