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Benhura introduces canvas in stone art

Itai Mushekwe

LEADING local sculptor, Dominic Benhura has released his latest masterpiece based on a canvas in stone concept.

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tone genius’s new creation, arguably the first of its kind in the world, brings a new perspective, touch and dimension to stone sculpture by combining painting and stone sculpture.

Traditionally, Zimbabwean sculptors are used to leaving their stone works in a monochrome state. Canvas in stone is one such invention by Benhura’s innovation that is earmarked to take local stone development to another level.

“As far as art is concerned,” said Benhura, “there is need for innovation and creativity and this brings our stone movement forward. To my fellow artists I say don’t be afraid to try new concepts. We have painters like Picasso whose work was not appreciated when he began, but today he remains a legend and celebrated great painter of all time.”

The piece which took Benhura a year to complete, involves the slotting of the sculpture along the desired areas to which the painting is intended. After fitting the canvas in the slot, a mirror is used to seal the painting thereby protecting it from depreciating with time. Benhura also intends to apply animal pictures and an assortment of colours to the concept.

Benhura’s sheer creativity has projected him to the top of sculpturing and earned him great acclaim internationally as one of the finest sculptors of his generation. He has exhibited his art works at various galleries around the globe including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands and South Africa.

His most renowned sculpture, Peace, was recently adopted by the United Nations in its campaign for world peace. The artist is inspired by everyday life and motivated by natural progression as he continues to challenge himself to produce better sculpture ideas.

Aged 37, the stone technocrat was born in rural Murehwa where he attended Kambarami primary school before moving to Tafara High I. He briefly enrolled at Oriel High for his ‘A’ levels taking up Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry. Although he wanted to be an architect, Benhura said he is fulfilled and his dream of providing for his mother realised.

“I have always wanted to help my mother who was a vegetable vendor and wanted to uplift my family.”

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