Hope the next Independence Day will bring real joy, freedom

By Eddie Kwaramba                                      

IT was sad to wake up &nbs

p;in a foreign country to realise that Tuesday was Zimbabwe’s Independence Day, marked in commemoration of freedom from the rule of Ian Smith some 26 years ago.

My mind started to wonder about and threw me  back to the much-awaited Independence Day in 1980, reflecting on how my parents and everyone else celebrated. I still recall it very vividly although I was just a little boy.

I was also happy that our prime minister would be a black man called Robert Mugabe and the president a black man too called Canaan Banana.

I also started to evaluate the progress that this Independence brought to my well-being and the freedom that we gained for ourselves as a black nation.

It is unfortunate to note that this Independence hasn’t meant anything encouraging at all, only suffering, corruption, misery and hunger.

If the truth be told, I am not ashamed to say that the Smith regime, despite the inhuman treatment of the black people, had a very sound economy and corruption-free governance.
Bob Marley was invited for our Independence bash where he sang about the African liberation
in celebration of a new, free Zimbabwe.

He preached about tolerance and respect for each other and  congratulatory messages poured in. Little did we know that this was the beginning of an end for our beloved country.

 It’s high time we reclaimed our Zimbabwe  and start rebuilding with a new leader at the helm. Those who have failed us should refrain from dreaming they will rule forever, or die in power.

We have had enough and need change to be able to enjoy our motherland without fear of reprisals if we open up our mouths to express our feelings. Hopefully, the next Independence celebrations will bring joy and real freedom.