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Zesa should deliver to make peace with power consumers

By Chikonamombe Mhara

MANY households are weeping. Why? Zesa is at it again, failing to diligently carry out its duties. Last Sunday is a day that many households in Harare would like to quickly forget.

Electrical appliances got damaged because of Zesa&#

8217;s failure to stick to its load-shedding schedule. Fridges, television sets, radios, DVDs etc were extensively damaged because of continuous interruptions in power supplies in Harare and probably other towns as well.

Executive chairman Sydney Gata and Energy Development minister Mike Nyambuya have exhibited gross incompetence and unprofessionalism.

What are they doing in those portfolios? Whose job is it to inform the public about power-cuts and that they should buy surge protectors?

I guess they do not want to advise members of the public to buy surge protectors because in a way it will be admitting their failure to execute their duties.

I urge fellow consumers with sensitive electrical gadgets to buy surge protectors to protect their valuable appliances.

Surge protectors cost about $2 million compared to the cost that one is likely to incur in  repairing damaged appliances.

To Gata and Nyambuya I say: God is watching and do not say you were not warned when asked to account for your “sins” at the pearly gates.

What goes around comes around. You still have time to “repent” and apologise to the masses for the damage that you are responsible for.

If legal action were to be taken,  we could be talking of huge amounts of money in damaged appliances.
I advise you gentlemen  to refrain from the warpath that you are on and make peace with the people. 

* Mhara is a Harare-based writer.

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