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Honourable thing to do for Gata, Nyambuya is to leave

By Chikonamombe Vashoma

SERVICE delivery at all parastatals has certainly gone to the dogs, but the Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company (ZEDC) seems to lead the list.
As a resident of Harare I have, together with others in the suburb where I sta

y, experienced power-cuts lasting up to one week. Some have even taken longer.

It is prudent to identify the root cause of these power outages.

Firstly, it is public information that Zesa Holdings board executive chairman Sidney Gata, is the brother-in-law of President Robert Mugabe.
When we have never-ending problems like these, we are tempted to question his level of competence and professionalism, among other notable qualities.
We hear neighbours complaining that thieves are taking advantage of the dark to pounce on their property and we are now having sleepless nights for we never know when we will be targeted.

It will be difficult to replace items such as televisions, radios, VCRs and DVDs, considering the ever-escalating costs.

Gata should simply admit failure and leave.
He should just do the most honourable thing at this point — relinquish the post.

And can someone tell me, what does Energy and Power Development minister Mike Nyambuya know, from his experience in the army, which is relevant or relates to efficient running of the energy and power sector?
His assumption of the Energy portfolio certainly has not made things any better.

Just like Gata, his appointment raises eyebrows, especially laced with lack of any noticeable improvement in service delivery.
Why does Nyambuya bring shame upon the man (obviously President Mugabe)  who appointed him?
We need efficient service delivery and I am sorry to say that this pair are no good for their respective jobs.

I suggest they return to wherever they came from. They have made Harare a living hell.

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