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Could someone please unmask Arthur Mutambara?

By Sally Ntombi

I WAS pleased to read that the Zimbabwe Independent took the recently-elected MDC president, Arthur Mutambara, to task on important issues following his victory speech.

These are the British and land reform and what

they supposedly didn’t do.
I am surprised that even this educated and intelligent man (so I am led to believe) is so ignorant of
the facts and prefers to follow the fiction articulated by President Mugabe, Zanu PF and Thabo Mbeki.

This issue is important because, in my view, despite the obvious need for land reform, Zanu PF’s thuggish exercise was simply a tool to destroy a block of voters whom they couldn’t control — farm workers — and a method of retaining power through patriotism.
The political imperative for survival completely over-rode the economic imperative to remain prosperous. Having been voted into a leadership position, one would have expected a person like Mutambara to be more knowledgeable. It seems not. In this respect, your comments are appropriate and most welcome.
Would somebody please give us some credible background and information on him,  his family, who he is married to and her background, what he does in his spare time, why he has been so silent since his student days, where he has been over the past six years whilst Zimbabwe was being vandalised, why he supports anti-senate sentiments as regards senate elections and then stands for a pro-senate faction post. None of us can follow this logic unless ….

It’s the kind of stuff they publish in a Woman’s Weekly. It’s also the kind of stuff we need to know, especially as a result of this man standing unopposed. Why was he unopposed? Why was it such a fait accompli?
It looks too slick, too neat and tidy, too kit-settish for my liking. There is far too much we do not know and the clinical CV presented so far is too good to be true. How about taking a deeper look and digging up what you can? I’m sure you would do us a great service.

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