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Zanu PF bribes traditional chiefs

THE Zanu PF bribery show took centre-stage once again on Monday when Local Government minister Ignatious Chombo doled out luxury double-cab Mazda vehicles to 48 chiefs in a desperate bid to bribe traditional leaders ahead of a critical election.

The MDC is aware that the vehicles are meant to be the traditional leaders’ boarding passes on the Zanu PF gravy train.

The regime is staring rejection by the people in next year’s election.

It is no coincidence that the vehicles are being handed over now.

The regime has simply gone back to its rigging manual by extending this largesse to unassuming traditional leaders in order to persuade them to do Zanu PF’s bidding in the run-up to the watershed plebiscite.

The handing out of luxury vehicles comes just weeks after the regime squandered billions of taxpayers’ money on scotch-carts and ox-drawn ploughs to be given to headmen and chiefs ahead of the elections.

The MDC condemns the continued abuse of traditional leaders by a regime that has lost all moral and political legitimacy to govern.

Traditional leaders are the custodians of our moral and cultural values.

They are our respected elders chosen not because of their political affiliation, but because of their role in cementing relations and solving civic disputes in our communities.

The Zanu PF regime has torn this moral code of conduct of our traditional leaders by coercing them to adopt its discredited agenda. The MDC is aware that most of our chiefs are a noble people.

They are against their continued abuse but are also aware of the legendary Zanu PF vengeance against those who speak or act against it.

In the new Zimbabwe, we will look back with disgust and say never again should a government commit the cardinal sin of coercing respected traditional leaders to dabble in politics.

In the new Zimbabwe, no government should abuse civic institutions and our respected elders for selfish political ends that are inimical to their traditional roles.

An MDC government shall restore the dignity of the chiefs as the custodians of our moral and cultural values and not as an appendage of the ruling elite.

We have to start afresh as a nation. We have to restore our lost dignity as a nation and as a people.

A new Zimbabwe is not a dream. It is a reality about to happen.

MDC Information and Publicity Department

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