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Right move by Harare City Council

I AND many others were indeed pleased to read that at long last the Harare City Council (HCC) has recognised the need for restricting noisy and damaging events within public gardens, something the Avenues Residents Association has been striving for for a long


Residents around the Harare Gardens are subjected — almost weekly — to a noisy barrage of music from the open air theatre that reaches well into the Avenues.

The utterances from Tamuka Macheka of the Monomatapa Crowne Plaza hotel, lamenting the decision to limit such events, comes from a private company that even closed a public footpath in the gardens without any concern for residents and other pedestrians! They should be ignored.

I also wish to comment on the recent closure of the northern section of Harare Gardens by an electric fence, at the selfish bequest of the City Bowling Club, who already control a disproportionately large area. This closure, incorporating the entrance across from Mazowe Street, and a major footpath, causes great inconvenience to numerous pedestrians and puts greater pressure on the main garden path.

At no time were residents and other members of the public consulted on this issue, or in fact any others affecting the garden.

Let’s hope that at long last that the HCC really means business in putting the interests of the majority before the selfish needs of private or other non public entities!

M Leppard, Harare.

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