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Africans must provide solutions for Zim problems

ALLOW me to thank the Reverend and Right Honourable Dr John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu for highlighting the plight of Zimbabwe. I have to say I could not stomach watching the whole the Newsnight report and have to agree with the Archbishop of York that the s

ituation is so deplorable that something has to be done.

The question is what and by who?

The Archbishop’s proposals in this regard made my heart weep.

He suggested more biting sanctions and that the Britsh government should take the lead in building a coalition of governments to come up with effective ways of resolving the crisis.

May I suggest to you that sanctions will not hurt Mugabe or the people in his government. There is ample evidence to prove that sanctions rarely affect the intended target, in this case the Zanu PF government in fact it is the poor citizens who suffer even more.

Indeed, as highlighted in the Newsnight report, it is children, the sick, elderly and unemployed who will feel the pinch.

The Archbishop also suggests Gordon Brown should assume a more robust stance towards Zimbabwe. This again is counter-productive and only strengthens Mugabe’s voice that imperialist forces are massed against Zimbabwe. While many have abandoned the idea of empire or the superiority of certain racial groups, this does not mean these beliefs are dead and buried.

One only has to google “Rhodesia” to see the many websites and organisations promoting such ideas. So Mugabe’s fears are not entirely without substance.

Eventually, it is to Africa we must look for a solution to this crisis; even Tony Blair ultimately arrived at the same conclusion.

According to the International Crisis Group based in Brussels, the involvement of Western governments is actually counterproductive as far as the situation in Zimbabwe is concerned.


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