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Trade sanctions on Zim a myth

YET again, undoubtedly motivated solely in order to deflect blame from the real causes of the Zimbabwean economic morass, the political hierarchy is alleging that Zimbabwe is the victim of unjust, malicious and economically-crippling

trade sanctions.

They repeatedly contend that the European Union and the United States have imposed stringent sanctions which preclude trade and financial interaction with Zimbabwe. They state that not only are there no justifications for such sanctions, but also that those sanctions are a primary cause (if not the only cause) for the myriad of economic ills that beset Zimbabwe. And they amplify upon such contentions by citing, as corroborative examples evidencing the existence of such sanctions, that most, if not all, lines of credit have been withdrawn from Zimbabwe, that balance of payments support is not forthcoming (and hence the immense scarcity of critically re;uired f

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