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Early b’day present for Mugabe

Itai Mushekwe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has received an early Christmas and birthday present in the form of an album, Happy 83rd Birthday President RG Mugabe (Bones of

a 30-year-old),
three months before his birthday by Canadian-based protest musician Viomak, independentxtra can reveal.

The album is Viomak’s second project.

The artist released the eight-track album in Harare last week where it was secretly recorded. It is due for mass production before the end of the month. The album comes as a follow-up to her debut album Happy 82nd Birthday President RG Mugabe (Diaspora classics1: Emotions of the emotionless) released in February.

Viomak said the official launch of the latest production is slated to coincide with Mugabe’s birthday on February 21 during a ceremony in South Africa, where she returned on Wednesday en route to the United Kingdom where she is set to pursue doctoral studies in educational psychology.

The album made available to independentxtra on Monday is loaded with traditional attacks on Mugabe’s presidency and his reluctance to relinquish power at a time when economic and political woes continue to bewilder many a Zimbabwean. However, Viomak this time around appears to have done her homework as she has toned down her trenchant denunciation of the veteran revolutionary leader, deciding to focus on the broader issues of his legacy and regime that is seemingly fast becoming a pariah administration.

Songs on the album include Arise and Fight, A Man in Zimbabwe, Gono bvisa Father Zero, Ipaiwo Vasina, Tererai Mwari, Mangwanani Baba, Mugabe Usambozvinyengedza and Inzwa Mugabe.

The title of the album was inspired by Mugabe’s 90-minute interview with ZTV’s Newsnet which was also broadcast on radio in February during his birthday where he revealed that contrary to fears over his health, he felt like a young man, was as fit as a fiddle,that his doctors had told him he had “the bones of a 30-year-old”, and that he would like to live another 82 years.

Songs likely to cause a stir in cyberspace via Viomak’s website www.viomakcharitymusic.com include Arise and fight, A Man in Zimbabwe, Gono Bvisa Father Zero and Mugabe Usambozvinyengedza.

Arise and Fight is a militant delivery urging Zimbabweans to fight for their freedom as no one will come to rescue them from the hands of the octogenarian’s ruling party. Parts of the lyrics to the song go thus: “Arise and fight for democracy, arise and fight for fairness. Arise and fight for freedom, arise and fight for equality.”

A Man in Zimbabwe is an anecdotal song about Mugabe’s tenure in office in which the artist, like a school prefect, reports the statesman to the Heavens for ignoring the sick and doing nothing to end perennial hunger stalking the poor.

First Lady Grace Mugabe is also thrust in the firing line for neglecting orphans while leading an opulent lifestyle.

Mugabe Usambozvinyengedza is a Chimurenga sound-powered track reminiscent of the genre’s maestro, Thomas Mapfumo’s sound engineering prowess. The song warns Mugabe not to brag about his long life because no man lives forever as longevity is a God-given gift.

Happy 83rd Birthday President RG Mugabe (Bones of a 30-year-old) is a better effort and more mature than the artist’s previous offering. There is instrumental synergy which can easily be identified as Zimbabwean music.

Viomak sings political gospel through the modification of traditional gospel hymns and songs to convey her political message, mostly targeted at Mugabe.

However, the album’s weakest link seems to be its narrow sphere of influence on the local market although opposition political parties have been approached to market and distribute it to their supporters. The artist has indicated that she is soon going to send a copy of the album to the President’s Office so he can take time to listen to it.

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