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Musician threatened

Itai Mushekwe

CANADIAN-based protest musician, Viomak has received threats ahead of her visit home in August. Viomak appears to have unsettled the regime with her political protest music, which directly fires a broadside at President Mugabe and his skewed policies as the

cause for Zimbabwe’s deepening economic and political crisis.

The disclosure was made on Tuesday by the artist during a telephone interview. According to Viomak, a close friend residing in the country called her home number (Zimbabwe) and left a message that she was placing herself in jeopardy by producing anti-Mugabe music.

“A close friend called home and left a message that I should stop singing these anti-Mugabe tunes,” said Viomak.

“She mentioned that it was very dangerous and I was putting my life at risk. I just thought it was one of those empty threats I hear from people now and again. Two days later a very close relative called me from Zimbabwe telling me that she met this friend in the company of a man who was introduced to her as Madamombe, an officer in Vice-President Joseph Msika’s office. My friend then told this close relative that I should be very careful because this officer had told her that they are aware of all the stories about me. So they are waiting for me to come home since I indicated earlier on in a story that was published in Independentxtra that I was planning to come to market my music. The relative questioned her how they had come to know of my details since none of the previous media publications mentioned my real name. She was told they had done their own research.”

The artist added that after talking to her relative she called her friend who advised me “to be very careful and that if I’m to come home I should make sure I have very tight security since some plans to sort me out were underway”.

The friend, Viomak charges, emphasised that the so-called officer working in Msika’s office told her that they were waiting for her to return to the country.

Pressed on whether she was still coming home in light of developments at home, the artist retorted: “Yes I have to whether I like it or not because apart from the political purpose, I have a divine purpose to fulfill. Zimbabwe is my home and Mugabe should know that Zimbabwe was not created for him.”

Viomak insisted on coming back to her birthplace maintaining that: “Great love and great achievements involve great risk. This is the greatest risk I will ever place myself in. I’m very much aware that Mugabe and his men are evil-hearted, but the only way to fight the devil is to do what you have to do. I will just focus on my purpose and my goals. For me its all about dying for a reason that lives than living for a reason that dies.”
“Worse still my music is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe in that it hits the nail on the head by mentioning Mugabe’s name openly. It’s obvious this is going to make them very angry and I’m also convinced that anyone seen with the CD or cassette will be in for a hard time. It’s going to be a very dangerous hide and seek game. Freedom doesn’t come on a silver platter. I have a feeling though that some CIO’s are going to love the music, because I’m sure some of them are tired of taking dirty commands from Mugabe.” 

* Viomak’s latest offerings include Happy 82nd Birthday President Robert Mugabe and Diaspora Classics I — Emotions for the Emotionless.

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