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Democracy book on cards

POLITICAL and economic analyst, Augustine Timbe, is set to release a book entitled Democracy in Emergent States: A Case Study of Zimbabwe and other Developing Nations.

The book, which has received the green light to go to

print from the Board of Censors of Zimbabwe conducts a post-mortem of how emergent states are being down-trodden as a result of the first world’s hegemony over political, economic and social affairs and has a focal point on Zimbabwe.

The author says that the publication is bent on fostering national development though ideas and constructive endeavors to promote “multi sectoral” development of the country.

“I have been inspired and motivated to write the book by the need to provide a more balanced perspective of historical, socio-economic, developmental and cultural global contemporary issues affecting the integrity, well-being and developmental rights of emergent states, and to that extent redressing both the subtle and overt or apparent anomalies,” he said.

Timbe maintains that Zimbabwe and other developing nations are threatened with “indefensible cultural imperialism” where norms, value systems and nuances of the developed North are given prominence at the expense of the ethos and moral attributes of the south.

The publication, likely to generate heated debate among Zimbabwe’s academia fraternity, will be made available to book shops next month and there are plans to launch it on the Internet to capture audiences in Britain, America, Australia and New Zealand. — Staff Writer.

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