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Viomak returns home

Itai Mushekwe

ONE of President Robert Mugabe’s musical critics, Viomak, lived up to her promise of coming back home in defiance of alleged state intelligence threats to pounce on her, Independent Xtra can reveal.<

The tough-talking musician based in Canada arrived in the country through Botswana a fortnight ago.

She took the musical industry by storm in February this year following the release of her debut album, Happy 82nd Birthday President Mugabe, Diaspora Classics Volume 1, a package of strident songs against Mugabe.

“It’s aimless and senseless to sing from the Diaspora without experiencing the day to day challenges facing my fellow countrymen,” Viomak said.

“The situation here is difficult and I salute Zimbabweans for their resilience. We need to do is to join hands and confront this illegitimate regime.”

Viomak also revealed that recording stables in the country, although willing to record the artist, refused to sign her for fear of reprisals.

“I can’t blame our local producers, they would love to record my music but their hands are tied and I understand. I’ve managed to contact a South African-based producer willing to record my music in Pretoria,” she said. Viomak, who left for South Africa on Wednesday, said she will be frequenting Zimbabwe because “this country is not owned by Zanu PF”. She said she was going to record her follow-up album, titled Happy Birthday President Mugabe (Bones of a 30-year old).

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