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Is it Bob speaking or Moyo?

FROM media reports and all rantings by Information minister Jonathan Moyo, is it him or his master’s voice?

If it were him, President Mugabe, knowing him as I do,

would have fired him months ago. He has crossed almost everybody’s path – including senior party members. He has trashed everybody.

Three members of the cabinet were on television recently trying to restore order at White Cliff Farm but Moyo made a special announcement just after they had finished:

“You cannot remove people from somewhere to nowhere,” he charged.

On Kondozi Farm he took a swipe at Vice-President Joseph Msika and the latter lost the battle.

In the Sky News saga, he took on his party boss Nathan Shamuyariara. On multiple farm ownership, he had a go at John Nkomo.

He did not spare Ibbo Mandaza either.

Now at The Voice, he is taking on Shamuyarira again.

Can we really say it is him – Moyo – or his master’s voice?

If it is not Mugabe speaking and acting through him, then he should have reined him in.

He would have fired or ordered the arrest of multiple farm owners who are now hiding behind sons, uncles, aunts and cousins.

He would have told Moyo to respect Msika and stop rushing to rubbish the vice-president in the press.

If these senior guys in Zanu PF are serious and would not want to be reduced to village politicians by the sly Moyo, they should stand up and be counted.

For now, people think besides Mugabe there is no credible person in Zanu PF. Not that Mugabe is credible but that he has made everybody appear either corrupt, a crook, or tribal except himself.

I felt pity for Shamuyarira when Cleo Tsimba read a page full of uncouth language from the Department of Information and Publicity in the President’s Office and Cabinet (read Jonathan Moyo).

Fortunately, most rational Zimbabweans have known the man’s language for far too long that they cannot miss it even if it is spoken over the BBC and signed and attributed to Tony Blair.

So Cde President, tell us, who speaks – you or Jonathan Moyo?

Trevor Ryan Mashayamombe,


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