Mapeza joins Ajax

By Colleen Tafireyi

FORMER Zimbabwe skipper Norman Mapeza has expressed his delight at joining South African top-flight side Ajax Cape Town this week following a career-threatening injury that had sidelined

him for about two years.

“It’s good to be here; I want to play again (and) I know my compatriots Ian and Mugeyi are happy for me. I am excited about playing again and getting back to my best form,” the 32-year-old defender was quoted as saying by South Africa’s Kick-Off magazine.

Mapeza joins fellow Zimbabweans at the club – assistant coach Ian Gorowa and forward Wilfred Mugeyi.

Other Zimbabweans who have had a run with Ajax include Edelbert Dinha, Tauya Mrewa, Edzai Kasinauyo, Thu-lani Ncube and Nqobizitha Ncube.

Mapeza left his post as Caps United coach early this month as he tried to revive his playing career in Poland before he was snapped up by the South African giants.