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Reporter harrased by boxer Nkomo

Sukoluhle Mthethwa

THREE weeks ago I received an invitation to attend a professional boxing tournament in Kariba. I had always attended professional boxing tournaments i

n Bulawayo so I thought I should attend the Kariba tournament held last weekend. Attending the tourney turned out to be a really bad decision which made me think I had chosen the wrong career.

I was eager to see the main bout which was going to feature veteran boxer Arigoma Chiponda. Patience Master was also the bill and was a definite attraction because she is among the few women who have taken up the male-dominated sport.

At around 5am on Sunday the main bout featuring the 48-year-old Chiponda and 23-year old Chamunorwa Gonorenda started. Chiponda was knocked out in the fifth round and the young man Gonorenda became the new cruiserweight champion in Zimbabwe.

The heavyweight bout featured Smart Nkomo against Chrispen Mutandi who lost in the fourth round on Saturday evening.

We left Kariba at around 1pm on Sunday and sitting next to me was “Terminator” Nkomo who was quaffing at his bottle of beer rather exuberantly. It did not take long before the alcohol began to get the better of him. He started fidgeting and just standing up now and again trying to talk to his friends at the back.

He would stand up and almost sit on top of me. I tried to tell him to sit properly several times but he could not.

Finally I just thought I should find somewhere else to sit because I was very uncomfortable with his antics. That is when the problem began. I asked him to give me way so that I could move to another seat but he refused and started shouting at me, creating quite a scene.

I could not take it anymore and I sat down and cried. I then stood up again because he kept on insulting me. Eventually I had to jump to the seat behind me to go past his blockade. I found somewhere to seat but he continued shouting at me saying I was crying for nothing because he had not done anything wrong. Other boxers and even the organisers of the tournament tried to stop him but he was unrelenting.

Later he came to apologise imploring me to come back and sit next to him.

For a moment I regretted being in the profession but I thought I should not allow a drunkard to get away with this bad behaviour. I believe that successful boxers must be well disciplined especially when they interact with the public instead of throwing their weight around.

He has since called to apologise but even if he one day he becomes a true champion at what ever level, I will always remember him as the bully-boxer on the bus.

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