Five commandments of ‘beeping’

THE following rules for the practice are extracted by Reuters from a forthcoming paper on the subject by researcher Jonathan Donner:


richer guy pays.” It is acceptable to beep someone if you are short of cash and they are flush with credit. Never beep someone poorer than you.

lDo not beep too often. Two beeps in a row is just about acceptable if you want to request an urgent call back. Any more and you risk becoming a pest.

lMaximise the efficiency of your beeping by prearranging shorthand codes with friends, family and contacts — for example, two beeps to be picked up by a taxi driver, one to say you are coming home.

lNever beep someone if you are trying to get in touch to ask a favour. You don’t want to risk annoying the person you are trying to win over.

lNever flash your girlfriend, unless you want to look cheap. One Rwandan interviewed for the paper said “No self-respecting man would dream of merely flashing his wife or girlfriend … Never mind the fact that it was Sugar Daddy himself who bought the phone and regularly buys her units.” — Reuters.