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Dynamos audit complete as Guzah slams ‘trio’

Enock Muchinjo

AN audit into Dynamos Football Club’s accounts has been completed, with suspected illicit deals at the club believed to have been unearthed.

The audit report has already been handed over to the Harare club’s board of trustees, a

lthough the findings are yet to be made public, former Dynamos secretary-general Keith Guzah confirmed.

Guzah, who quit the club a fortnight ago, refused to divulge the findings of the audit — which covered the period from November 2005 to June this year.

The Harare businessman, however, lambasted what he called an “iron grip on the club by three individuals who are arbitrarily running the show”.

Guzah was forced to leave the club in frustration over the manner the club was being run, particulary the conduct of the three individuals he refused to name.

“There is no accountability in terms of what is going in and what is going out,” Guzah told IndependentSport.

“Everything is centered among three individuals, and it makes it difficult for the executive to do its job.

“I don’t know if there are any books of accounts. I could not subscribe to that warped school of reasoning. My resignation was precipitated by lack of good governance.”

Guzah claimed he had invested his personal money into Dynamos hoping to see the club being run “smoothly”.

“I never came to Dynamos for the money. I actually put in the team a lot of my own money for the smooth running of the team,” he said. “All I wanted to see was for the team that is loved by a lot of people return to its past glory.”

He added: “I came wanting to change the way of doing things. I wanted the club to have something to show for the past six years. It does look like anything is going to happen. I saddens me to leave the club in such state.”

Guzah also lamented the sidelining of some bona-fide board members from the affairs of the club.

“It hurts me to see some board members who were given a mandate by the courts to run the club living a life of paupers while a few individuals benefit.”

Morrison Sifelani, Dynamos former chairman, has been fighting to retain control of the club together with a few other founder members who have been sidelined.

Sifelani has claimed Dynamos are at the mercy of corrupt people, although he has failed to substantiate his claims.

Dynamos however seem to be unperturbed by the boardroom squabbles, with the team poised to finished among the top four in the premiership after a shaky start.

The club has over the years been plagued by inhouse squabbling.

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