Bloch not good storyteller

I HAVE to admit that I am an avid reader of your paper but I rarely read Eric Bloch’s column because of his poor analysis when it comes to economic/public finance issues. My friend had to refer m

e to his column about ants and grasshoppers.

A Rhodie is not defined by his colour. He is defined by his way of thinking. A racist is not defined by his colour. He is defined by his practices. That’s why people say Zimbabwe’s president is a racist. Bloch’s article was full of racial connotations and lies.

Let’s assume Bloch is just a storyteller. Then why did not the storyteller inform his audience about the origins of the ants and grasshoppers? Did the ants originate from the same field in the first place? No!

Did they work on their own to achieve what they ended up having? No again. Did not these ants displace the “grasshoppers” from their original fertile fields? Yes, they did, and this storyteller refuses to acknowledge it.

Bloch was plainly unreasonable and such articles do not add value to your publication we so much hold in high esteem. Such divisive articles should not be published since they also give the current regime pretext to attack the “ants”, “liberal grasshoppers” and even much more “emaciated grasshoppers”.