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Someone has to pay for this

IT is clear that our leaders do not care about the plight of the people of Zimbabwe.

Witness the systematic asset stripping for personal gain, the stealing of pub

lic funds that ought to be used for the betterment of the country, the blatant building of obscenely expensive houses by many of our “top people” when it is clear that their legitimate salaries would run to no more than a four-bedroom house and nothing bigger in their garages than a Toyota Corolla or Nissan Almera – certainly not the 4x4s or Mercs they have managed to acquire, no doubt, duty-free!

The country has been bankrupted in 25 years, and still Zimbabwe’s meagre foreign currency income is being plundered, with priority given to the allowances these “top people” claim for their trips to the few countries left that will allow them in. Industry is crying for forex just to keep going, but who cares about that?

The pleasure and comforts of our leaders must not be jeopardised or altered one iota. After all, most of them not only have their own homes to run now, but their stolen farms and maybe second homes as well. Since their legitimate salaries couldn’t possibly rise to those kinds of expenses, someone has to pay for them!

The rest of us Zimbabweans are paupers now, scavenging for anything we can get from “outside”, while our leaders swan around as if nothing is amiss, and – wait for it – still blaming the UK and USA for being the cause of all the country’s troubles.

Please, will someone tell us why the rest of the world should give a cent of their aid/charity to Zimbabwe when our own leaders don’t give a damn about their own people?

Disenchanted Mandara,


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