Two-year contract for Lungu

Colleen Tafireyi

FORMER Warriors’ captain Elasto Lungu signed a two-year contract last month with South African premiership side Wits University to become the fifth Zimbabwean player at the club.

The side already has on its payroll star Warriors’ left-footed utility player Charles Yohanne, strikers Stewart Murisa and Alois Bunjira and goalkeeper Nelson Bandura.

The club recently confirmed that it had signed Lungu for two years to beef up its midfield where Bunjira is currently playing. Formerly a Darryn T player, Lungu last season played for First Division outfit SA City Pillars in Peitersburg.

Prior to that, the former Amazulu (of SA) captain had turned out for Dynamos in the rich South African premiership. Meanwhile, former Black Aces wonderboy Rabson “Sarafina” Mchichwa has risen from a long slumber to bounce back into the South African premiership after signing a two-year contract with Zulu Royals .

Mchichwa last played for Ria Stars in the premiership before sliding to the First Division. The former Warriors’ player made a name in the South African League when he turned out for giants Kaizer Chiefs.