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What they said about 2004 national budget

Shakeman Mugari/Blessing Zulu/Augustine Mukaro

“IT is a budget cobbled together by a man with few alternatives. Murerwa had little room to manoeuvre. To me it is a ‘stand still’ budget that would change noth

ing in that it avoided key issues at the centre of the economic crisis. There is no mention of efforts to lure international investors and the issue of rule of law is still outstanding. There was also a deliberate move to avoid interest rate and exchange.” – MDC shadow Minister of finance Tapiwa Mashakada.

“We are not satisfied though we are fully aware of the fact that the minister tried his best. As a ministry we were however thrilled that for the first time there is recognition of soccer in the budget.” – Aneas Chigwedere Education minister.

* “The budget responds to the various inputs that came from business. To me it was a balanced budget which put into account the revenue and expenditure side. It looks realistic. The biggest challenge for the minister is to make it work, so that we are not having a budget that does not mean what it says.” – CZI president Anthony Mandiwanza.

* “I think there is awareness among business, labour and government that we are in a crisis that cannot be postponed any further.”- Kombo Moyana, businessman and former RBZ governor.

* “We will not be supprised if they come up with another supplementary budget. To us this is a non-event. It is a dishonest budget.” – Tendai Biti MDC MP for Harare East.

* “A workable budget should be at least 20% of the Gross Domestic Product. Last year the budget was around 10% of the GDP and that has fallen far short of the expenditure. This year’s budget is only about 11,5% of GDP and it falls in the same danger as last year.” – David Chapfika, MP Mutoko North.

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