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No position on price controls

Itai Dzamara

IN a characteristic portrayal of the confusion that grips government over ways to solve the economic crisis, Finance minister Herbert Murerwa remained silent on the controversial policy of price

controls. Murerwa has in the past admitted that price controls, introduced two years ago, are hurting industry and commerce.

There is general confusion regarding government’s position on price controls.

The government introduced the populist policy of price controls in 2001 at the height of political and social tension in the country.

The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries have condemned price controls which they say serve only to feed the black market.

Militant members of Zanu PF are understood to have remained adamant on price controls which they regard as one of the few remaining ways to win the hearts of the electorate.

As a way of cushioning themselves from the menace of price controls, manufacturers have resorted to unorthodox re-branding of products.

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